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Thank you for your interest in the status of the development in Bear Valley. This site is intented to be a resource to all documentation, important dates and decisions for interested individuals such as full and part-time residents, property owners, business owners and those who work in Bear Valley.

There are two primary projects covered on this site; improvements to the ski area, and the development plans by Bear Valley Village Partners for Bear Valley Village.  There are several other projects planned for Bear Valley Village by other developers that are not  covered on this website, please visit the Alpine County site or call 530.694.2457 for more information.

Bear Valley Village:

Working with Alpine County, the current plan for development closely  follows the Bear Valley Master Plan of 1978, maps and descriptions for which can be found here in the project’s Final EIR (Environmental Impact Report) from 2009.

Bear Valley Mountain (Ski Area):

Working with the US Forest Service, Bear Valley Mountain is working to improve the ski area with a number of projects.  Information on these projects are described in the EA (Environmental Assesment) document.

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